Childrensday 2007 Don Muang Air Base (6th Wing)
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Childrensday 2006 Chaing Mai Air Base (41th Wing)
Photo courtesy of  Amykittenish
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Chandy Range 
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Cope Tiger 2006

"Cope Tiger 06", the annual multi-lateral exercise involving the Thailand, U.S. and Singapore, began February  7. 2006.
More than 1,300 people, including 300 U.S. servicemembers and 1,000 servicemembers from Thailand and Singapore, are participating in the exercise that involves aviation and ground units. The exercise is designed to hone flying skills and foster international cooperation among the three countries.

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One of the residents of RTAFB Korat is this 103 Sqn. F-16A

The second Sqn at RTAFB Korat is the 102 Sqn with its F-16A ADF. Korat host two Sqn. of F-16 Fighters.

Staring the engine on one of the F-16A from the 403 Sqn.

F-16A from the 403 Sqn 4th Wing homebased in RTAFB Thakli

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F-16A from the 403 Sqn 4th Wing homebased in RTAFB Thakli

Landing of an F-16A ADF from the 102 Sqn. This Squadron is the only one in the RTAF who uses the AMRAM Missile.

Two ships from the 102 Sqn return to the Base, 

Landing of an F-16A ADF from the 102 Sqn.

F-5E 21132 from the 211 Sqn 21 Wing based in RTAFB  Ubom

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In the hot climate of Thailand it is a plesute to taxi with an open canopy. Here an F-5E from 211 Sqn,

F-5E from the 701 Sqn based in the south at RTAFB Surat Thani

The 701 Sqn also uses the F-5B as only Sqn in the RTAF

A groundcrewmen refuel an Alpha Jet from the 231 Sqn. normaly based in RTAFB Udon

The Alpha Jet of the 231 Sqn are still in the german camouflage, which looks a little strange in Thailand. 

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Alpha Jet of the 231 Sqn 23 Wing.

Aero Albatros of the 401 Sqn from RTAFB Thakli

Prior to a mission an Aero Albatros of the 401 Sqn.

Besides the 401 Sqn the 411 Sqn also operates the Aero Albatros 

For the long flight from RTAFB Chiang Mai the 411 Sqn has used droptanks on the Albatros

Childrensday 2006 Don Muang Air Base (6th Wing)
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