Royal Thai Roundel


1919 - 1940

The around 1919 introduced Roundel represents the National Flag of Thailand in concentric circels. The Roundel was placed on the wings on both sides (left and right) and also on the undersides of the wing. The Rudder was painted with the Flag. On the fuselage was no roundel placed.

1940 - 1941

In November 1940 finaly the borderwar  with France broke out. Because of the simmilarity of the French Armeť de l'Air to the Thai roundel the RTAF decides to replace the Roundel with the Flag on the wings. Possibly only on aircrafts on the frontline used this type of roundel. There are pictures from Hawk III und Hawk 75N only. 

1941 - 1945

In Dezember 1941, after the occupation from Japan, the RTAF changed the roundel again to avoid confusion with the britisch roundel. The "running Elephant" is a version of the former Flag of Siam before the  November 28 1917.

Strange ist the fakt that the RTN (Royal Thai Navy) has used only the 1919 roundel trouhout the war. 

1945 - heute

After 1945 the RTAF reintroduced the old isigna from 1919. The Flag on the Rudder was painted considerable smaler and the roundels was also carried on the fuselage. Some planes carry the roundel in US fashion only on one side of the wings. A low viz version is inexistent but the roundel ist now very small.

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Written 1. November 2003


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