Phil Schnabel from Eugene, OR is searching for two Squadronmebers assigned to the Yorktown in 1944 and 1945. The Mebers are ARM 3/c Emil Dumdie and his pilot Lt. J.G pilot Moseley from VB-88. Has anyone informations about these or other Sguadronmembers of the CVG-88, please contact me. mfader(at)

18. August 1944 CVG-88 established
CV-10 USS Yorktown
1. July 1945 - 20. October 1945
West Pacific 
VF-88 F6F-5, F6F-5N, F6F-5P H
VBF-88 FG-1D H
VB-88 SB2C-4 H
VT-88 TBM-3 H



Curtiss VB-88 01.png (92173 Byte)



last update 20. November 2007
29. October 1945 CVG-88 disestablished


last update 27. February 2013

written  1. January 2007


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