US Marines Corps Planes .

Despite the proximity of the U.S. Marines Corps to the U.S. Navy, the Corps has yet flown a few different planes. Therefore, we want to show these planes and helicopters. In particular, the colourful markings of the different Squadrons are at the main focus of the drawings from WINGS AVIATION.

  USMC Stinson L-5 4.png (115452 Byte)



  USMC T-28 03.png (65411 Byte)



  USMC F9F-6P 02.png (69622 Byte)



USMC UC-12B 04.PNG (77925 Byte)



USMC HMX-1 2.png (76353 Byte)




USMC Cutlass101.png (61201 Byte)




USN SB2U 23.png (71500 Byte)

VMO-8-01.png (71995 Byte)










VMF-122-2.png (98795 Byte)



VMF-2-02.png (102787 Byte)

VMA-332-01.png (81920 Byte)




VMF-351-07.png (71334 Byte)




VMF-451-01.png (66861 Byte) VMF-214-01.png (72567 Byte)  






VMS-2-02.png (82337 Byte)

Fokker-02.png (91556 Byte)




Fokker-03.png (92469 Byte)

VMP-354-02.png (71834 Byte)




HMR-162 02.png (90437 Byte)

VMA-214-01.png (88334 Byte)







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