The Internet is being more and more defined / determined by its graphic contents. It is this creative feature which enables the WWW to be what it today represents.

However, it is being more and more ignored - often also through uncertainty - that all graphic components in the web are based upon the work of creative people: Whether commercial artists or photographers, they all have applied a part of their creativity in order to produce these contents and they are all protected by copyright law.

Unfortunately, these creative people are continuously experiencing that their works are being copied, up-linked or are being used in other means without their permission first being sought and granted. We thereby knowingly overlook the fact that these works are copyright protected and that their propagation is only allowed after receiving authorization.

Is the freedom of the Web also the freedom, to misappropriate and illegally use the creative works of others?

We say NO! to photo theft via the Internet.

Each person who utilizes photographs or graphics from the Web, be it for commercial or private purpose, must first assure himself or herself that the creator of the work is in agreement with its utilization and he or she must, if necessary, pay a fee for such usage. It cannot be permitted to continue that the fundamental and substantial creative elements of many successful Web-sites have in fact been stolen from the copyright owners.

In this way the creator of the work is being deprived of his or her life's foundation.



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