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At the end of 2002 I decided to creat a own Homepage. After a testphase from a month my Homepage went online at the 1st of January 2003. Over the last months the Homepage grew steadily. Weekends and Weekends going into the land. I was not satisfied with the inital results.

In the summer 2003 after only 6 month, I realisid that my Homepage grew to complex and not easy to overlook. On the 1st of November 2003 I split the the themes Hobby and Aviatio. WINGS was the name of this new Homepage. 


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On my Hompage I will post three themes wich are importand to me.

On a rainy summer day in the German City Hamburg in the year 1969 everything began.  With my parents I, as 10 year old button, visited the old Hanseatic city Hamburg. In the rain such an attendance is not straight what one can introduce oneself as summer holidays.  The coincidence wanted that the American aircraft carrier USS Wasp lay at this time in the port.  At this time I hade little to non interests in Naval stuff an the Navy, but I persuaded my parents for the attendance of the carrier. This attendance on the aircraft carrier aroused the interest in airplanes and ships of the U. S. Navy, which did not release me. 


The modelling is a valve fror what I have seen in Hamburg.  The primary adjustment of my modelling was therefore fixed on the US Navy. Later, also with the entrance into the IPMS, other ranges of topics came like "Viet Nam"/"USAF"/"European Air Forces" and "Thailand". I must say that Im a 72er In the modelling I prefer the 1:72 scale the only usable scale for modelling.

I am particularly proud on my link side, on which many useful are Links present for modelling, Aviation, naval and other things.

Besides the modelling, photographing of airplanes is one of my hobbies.


Inevitably if one is married with a Thail-Girl he becomes entangled with the Thai culture and way of life.  No not again one of these sides about living together between Thais and "Farang".  In addition I would like to refer to www.racine.ch.vu

I would like to limit the Thai pages, led away from my hobby, to the Aviation of Thailand, which is considered rather rarely, but am noteworthy.

The History of Siam's or Thailand is in our broad rather unknown under the homepage www.fader.ch.vu further informations are available.


For the simpler overview of my homepage is the page "whats new" or check under "Sitemap".

Perhaps you find also something which you please.

Have a look!



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