H-3 Sea King
In Action Series No. 150
Al Adcock
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-330-2
BookID 0235
  Sea King
Super-Profile Series
Christopher Chant
Foulis Aircraft Book
ISBN: 0-85429-377-9
BookID 0598

Sikorsky H-34
Lennart Lundh
Schiffer Military History Book
ISBN: 0-7643-0522-0

  H-34 Choctaw
In Action Series No. 146
Lennart Lundh
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-319-1
BookID 0232

Sikorsky H-34
F-40 Series
Siegfrid Wache
Flugzeug Publikations GmbH
ISBN: - none -
BookID 0103

  H-60 Black Hawk
In Action Series No. 133
Paul Pickett
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-295-0
BookID 0224
  H-53 Sea Stallion
In Action Series No. 174
C. M. Reed
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-417-1
BookID 0243


  Sikorsky S-55 Chickasaw
Westland Whirlwind
Warpaint Series No.106
Adian M. Balch
Warpaint Books Ltd.
ISBN - none -
BookID 0924

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