US Air Force          
  Century Series
Lou Drendel
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-097-4
BookID 0568
  USAF Europe in Color
Fighting Colors
Robert Robinson
Squadron Signal Publications
ISBN: 0-89747-132-6
BookID 0574

Wings of Fame
Issue 18

  Wings of Century Series
Famous Airplanes of the World Nr.111
Bunrin-do Co., Ltd.
ISBN: - none -
BookID 0510
  USAF Aircraft 1947 - 1956
James C Fahey
Air Force Museum Foundation Inc.
ISBN: - none -

BookID 0341


  Décoration des avioans de l'US Air Force 1945 - 1960
Alain Pelletier
Editions Ouest France
ISBN: 2-85882-310-3
BookID 0319
  US Air Force, Air Power Directory
Lindsey Peacock
Airtime Publishing
ISBN: 1-880588-01-3
BookID 0637
  Air National Guard
René J. Francillon
Airtime Publishing
ISBN: 1-880588-03-X
BookID 0642

Camouflage & Markings
British Aircraft in USAAF Service

Roger A Freemann
Ducimus Books Ltd. London
ISBN: - none -

BookID 0384


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