Modern Wars          
  Air War in the Gulf 1991
Combat Aircraft Series No.27
Christopher Chant
Osprey Publishing
ISBN 1-84176-295-4
BookID 0730
  Man muss kein Held sein
H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3-442-12560-X
BookID 0361

Gulf War Debrief
Stan Morse
Airtime Publishing
ISBN: 1-880588-00-5
BookID 0641

  Storm over Iraq
Richard P. Hallion
Smithsonian Institute Press
ISBN: 1-56098-190-3

BookID 0941
  Air War Greanada
Stephen Harding
Pictorial Histories Publishing Company
ISBN 1-9-33126-52-2
BookID 0387
  Conflict in the Balkans
Combat Aircraft Series No.24
Tim Ripley
Osprey Publishing
ISBN 1-84176-290-3
BookID 0727

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