Photographic Reconnaissance Squadrons Heavy  62




10. February 1952 VJ-62 Established at NAS Jacksonville FL
2. July 1956 VJ-62 redesignated VAP-62
15. October 1969 VAP-62 Disestablished at NAS Jacksonville FL


1952 - 1957 TP
1957 - 1969 GB



1948 - 1959



1959 - 1969
VAP-62 Deployments 
1. May 1965 - 1. July 1965 CVA-66 USS America CVW-6 Det.66 RA-3B GB 00
VAP-62 Commanding Officers 
LCdr. D. C. McNeil 10.Feb.1952 30.Apr.1952
Cdr. J. Kennedy jr. 30.Apr.1952 Jun.1953
Cdr. H. S. Klenk Jun.1953 Jul.1954
Cdr. J. A. Goodwin Jul.1954 Jan.1956
Cdr. E. B. Johnson jr. Jan.1956 12.Jul.1957
Cdr. Henry W. Drum 12.Jul.1957 10.Nov.1958
Cdr. Charles W. Hollinshead 10.Nov.1958 10.Nov.1959
Cdr. Charles T. Frohne 10.Nov.1959 29.Jul.1960
Cdr. W. L. Berkey  29.Jul.1960 9.Sep.1960
Cdr. John E. Cousins 9.Sep.1960 6.Okt.1961
Cdr. Charles H. Boldt jr. 6.Okt.1961 4.Sep.1962
Cdr. Robert F. Roemer 4.Sep.1962 Jul.1963
Cdr. John D. Stuffiebeem Jul.1963 8.Aug.1964
Cdr. John P. Cullen 8.Aug.1964 5.Jul.1965
Cdr. William E. Nowers 5.Jul.1965 22.Apr.1966
Cdr. Harry F. Bryant 22.Apr.1966 16.Jun.1967
Cdr. Frank S. Coleman 16.Jun.1967 Jul.1968
Cdr. Burke E. Eakie Jul.1968 18.Jul.1969
Cdr. James E. Service 18.Jul.1969 15. Oct. 1969


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